Aztec 7 for sale on eBay

Just came across this Aztec 7 while doing a late night eBay browse. It appears as though the owner does not know a whole not about it. The BIN price is $3000. In my opinion while a good starting point, I think the price is a bit steep. The auction number is (#200730468989)

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  1. Bats says:

    This wasn’t too bad a car, 3 K would not have been at all bad IF the windscreen wasn’t gone, hard to get pricely piece of glass…for this Bertone not 4RE ( as the seller thought ) design inspired kit

  2. Rich says:

    There is a reproduction Lamborghini Miura windshield out there . But it’s around $1,500 by the time you get the car and the glass it’s too much. It’s a shame finished right it makes for a nice looking car. I’m glad my Aztec GT uses a mid 60’s vette windshield tons cheaper.

  3. matt chandler says:

    im open to offers on the car i am the owner my plans were to swap a vette windshield also and put my dune buggy engine in it
    if your interested in the car contact me 585-307-0557

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