Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 9

Hey everyone. This is Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 9. Unfortunately I do not really have anything to update everyone on. I left off on the brake system of the beetle chassis and that is where I still am.

Bradley GT2 Project Car Build Update 9

Why you might ask? Well I made the mistake of trying to support a local company to get my parts when I could have just sent a quick email and had everything sent quickly and for less money. I wont get into what the company is, because they are very nice and are very knowledgeable in regards to VWs.

What I can say is my first phone call to them was almost a month ago and at the time I was just looking for the metal brake line set. I was told they would give me a call back later in the afternoon and let me know if they had them. I left my number and I never heard a word. So a week or so later I called again and reminded them I was still waiting. This time I got told it was not in stock and they would order it . They will call when it is there.

Guess what? Another week goes by and no call. I called again and was told it was ordered and he would call me back and let me know whats going on. You see where this is going? Well last Thursday I decided to drive over and see what the deal was. The stuff was still not there and he was going to order it…..and he asked for my phone number again.

So I wasted a month waiting on the last bits to get the chassis finished. A quick email to Henry at Bugoholics in TX and the parts are on the way. So hopefully I can get the chassis done and start wiring .

I try my best to support local businesses. But I can see with an experience like this why people do not. Its sad because I will likely never use them again for anything I might need. Even if I need it today.

Well thats about all . I hope I can get moving on this again as soon as the parts are done.