What is this car? Cimbria Advertisement

Bold & New. Buying a Cimbria is a matter of taste, not cost. It looks like a $60,000 Italian import, inside and out. Drives and Handles like one too. But it costs much less…..and does much more.

Cimbria attracts admirers everywhere. Its flowing contours slip through the wind. And the body looks as good “up close” as it does from afar

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  1. john klein says:

    do you have any links to cimbria’s for sale or how much is the kit? has anyone ever used toyota power plants in them? It is the most beautiful car i have ever seen!!!

  2. Nate Downes says:

    The company which made the Cimbria vanished a few years back, but it was one of three companies which made vehicles of this type, all being copies of a concept car called the Nova. The one which is still in production is called the Sterling, which can be found for sale here:


  3. Robert Welsh says:

    The car in the ad photo is the Viper 2000,
    We found the car in Canada and now we have it in Delaware

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