Corsair Boats Karma on eBay

So you ever wonder what kind of kit car project you can get with $8000 ? Well apparently this Karma car is what you can get. Complete with locked up motor, tore up interior, and pretty much in need a a ground up restoration. I am not sure what the seller is thinking with his price, but he must REALLY like this car . So much that he has it priced so high that nobody will EVER buy it.

Here is what the seller has to say about this car….

1972 Ferrari Dino 246GT Karma, Original Kit from Corsair Boats. I bought this about 23 years ago and has been stored most of the time. This Kit is on a V.W. Pan With I was told G.M. Suspension, The wheels are Chevy Bolt Pattern. We did have it running about 20 years ago and when the Techs that worked with me were caught up I had them Hand Block the Whole Car with 400 Grit wet and Dry. Body is very Straight and all that Blocking took any waves out of the Fiberglass. To do it right it will need a Total Restoration but most of the original Parts are there. It has one crack in the Fiberglass on the rear Panel where someone pushed it with a Truck, looks pretty easy to repair. The Motor from what I can Remember is a V.W. 1600cc Motor that has a Bigger Cam and Bored out 30 over was what i was told. It sounded good and when wound up would scream. Only 32 miles on the Clock. Was never Finished, Never Titled. I will give a Bill of Sale if Sold. I had to pick rebuild Title because it wouldn’t let me Continue as just stated this does not or ever had a Title.

The Motor is locked down Now but did run great. Carburetor is off but included, Someone stole the Fuel tank. I know it needed Headlamp Bezels. Interior probably needs the Most. 2 different sets of Seats included but need recovered, Floorboard/Pan has Rust Issue, could be sectioned or complete Floor, Floor is in one piece now but I am trying to be as upfront as Possible. Electric Door Releases did work but I don’t know now, Doors need to be built, I think the regulators work. It will need Wheels and Tires and I don’t know about Suspension other then I think it is a Camaro Front Suspension. When I pulled it out this weekend I didn’t see the Keys, I will be looking for them. It has been a Project I just never got to Complete and I am at the Age I am Downsizing and would like someone that wanted to put there heart into it to have it.

Now to the sellers defense there is also a best offer button. I am guessing there will be a lot of sub $1000 offers on this one. And at $1000 any buyer would be doing this seller a favor.

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  1. Valentina Catini says:

    If I had that car I will restore it for sure!! I am imagining all I could do with it…

  2. Rick says:

    “Ran when parked” is the most overused phrase in a sales as there is…

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