Molds to build Dino Inspired Kit Car

Hey Everyone,

I have taken on the task of trying to sell off a set of Molds to build Dino Inspired Kit Car. Right now we are not 100% sure who the original seller of these kits were but we will update this post as we get more information. The molds and body are located in California (Santa Cruz area) and are for sale at the best reasonable offer.

As I said this stuff will be sold at the best reasonable offer .

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  1. joe says:

    I know it’s off subject but are any of the vws in the background for sale?

  2. chris says:

    Hi, Donnie,
    Molds still available 3/2016 ? Molds for what parts of kit
    car ? Hood/front ? Center/passenger compartment ? Solid roof / sunroof ?
    Rear end, tail and deck ? Bumpers, front /rear ?
    Doors/ panels ? Advise please. Asking price ?

  3. Roland R Caballero says:

    So what is the status of your mold project? I would be very interested.
    1969 VW/84 Kelmark

  4. Jeff Vaught says:

    The original maker of the kelmark was in okemos michigan,I also live in jackson michigan and have the factory door molds both inner and outer molds and also floor pan,inner wheel wells,both front and rear.

  5. Jeff Vaught says:

    The original kelmarks were molded in Okemos Michigan,I live in Jackson ,Michigan.I have the original factory molds for the inner and outer doors,inner fender wells both front and rear,and 3’drop floor pan molds.

  6. Jozz says:

    The Karma GT was built by the Corsair Boat Company back in the early 80s. Between the Magnum GT & the Karma GT these two are the closest to the look of the real Dino GT. I have a Karma that was going to be mounted on a tube chassis with a Grand National Turbo V6, Audi 5 speed transaxle, all intendent suspension. Heart transplant got in the way.

  7. d pipkin says:

    whats up with these are they for sale
    dale 208 869 0387

  8. Jozz says:

    Do you have any rear windows?

  9. bgullatt says:

    All of those molds and bodies look like Kaylor. They made a Dino similar the the Karma but with no scoops and they also made the Invader.

    • Donnie says:

      You are correct. These molds are ones Kaylor had. Im pretty certain that he never actually sold a Dino or Invader after he purchased the molds.

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