Corvette-Based Fiberfab Jamaican Project

Jim ( is selling his Fiberfab Jamaican project on eBay (#330280200318). This one is on a V8 Corvette chassis, with the doors hung with working latches, and side windows installed with the regulators. The body is bolted securely to the frame, but the front end is not attached so you can decide if you want to have a working hood or make it a tilt front end (I like the latter personally). The chassis is in very nice condition with no rust, and the bushings all look to be in very good shape. There are brake components in the car but they will need to be overhauled. The engine is a 350 Chevy that runs very well (and has been fired up since being mounted), mated to a sixties four-speed gearbox in very good shape. The car comes with a gas tank that is not installed inside the car.

To finish it, you will need a radiator, drive shaft, wiring harness, and instruments (and you’ll have to fabricate a dash and interior). “Pretty much what you see is what you get.” There is a GM steering column in the car, and the front Corvette and rear Porsche 911 windshields were purchased new for this car and have never been installed in a car before. They are set in place with tape holding them in the openings. The car is in orange gel coat and has never been painted… Some body work will need to be finished and lights will have to be mounted. The car comes with the build manual.

If you’re interested in this Jamaican, bid in the auction. Jim also has a second Jamaican on a TR4 chassis that he’s thinking of putting up for sale (that one runs and drives) — feel free to drop him a line about that car as well. He’s located north of Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Jon Jacobson says:

    I am interested in the Jamacian what can you tell me?

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