David Loring Mantis Body Found

Well Check this out. Jay sent us this photo of a pretty cool car. I only know of one and that is in David Lorings possession. It appears to be a Mantis Habua but I sent David an email to verify it. Its a cool body and I hope the owner can build it, or at least try and sell it at a reasonable and not “OMG THIS IS THE RAREST OF RARE KITCARS ON THE PLANET” Price.

I cant wait to get more updates and info on this car. !!!

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  1. Rick says:

    Looks like it took a pretty good smack on the nose to break it in half, but otherwise looks complete.. assuming glass can still be had for it. One of the few.. ok, only, Invader derivatives I’d even consider building.

    • Donnie says:

      Some of Davids other stuff is wild. He has a few bodies just sitting in the back yard in Oregon. My favorite one is the one the Kellison Stole from him and renamed it the Shark. They are all cool and want them hahah

  2. JOHN says:

    The bodies that Donnie mentioned above in Port Orford, Oregon is in correct. Dave has moved from that location many years ago. He is now living in the Coos Bay, Oregon area. Those vehicles are on his property near by.

    If you are wondering how I know this information it is because I am a friend of his. I assist him and his other friend Jim in sending Donnie (Kitcar Guy) Messages by Email. Since Dave is of the Old School and dose not use a Computer.

  3. UNITY aka Stephanie Dryden says:

    Just started looking thru some old notes and letters from David…We were friends when I lived inDepot Bay OR! Met him in Newport at the Oceana Co-op!! I often think of David as he spoke at length about building Small dwellings!! The tiny house Times are showing up NOW!!! Please let him KNOW Stephanie DRYDEN from 92-94 in Newport… Would Love to hear from him! I am also very Mobile I would like to actually visit with him !! Thanks for any assistance you may be willing to give in this Matter! thanks again! ( email HERE is good for me)

    • Donnie says:

      Hi Stephanie. I will be sure to send Jim Valentine an email ( David is still a pen and paper kind of guy ) I am sure he will be happy to hear from you . I am glad I have been able to reconnect David to a few of his cars and people from his past.

      Have a great day

  4. John Foster says:

    David Loring John Foster need to get in touch with you planning to come to Coos Bay and pay you a visit what is your phone number or cell number would be greatly appreciated

  5. B. D. says:

    The original Mantis didn’t have a sunroof and wasn’t white. I enjoyed it very much.

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