DDR SP4 (McLaren F1 Replica – Shhh!)

Edit/Update: You can click through for the commments on this, but I should emphasize that the DDR guys were very clear that this is not a replica of the F1 or any other car, but a car that is simply inspired by supercars of this general theme.

Assuming they don’t get sued into oblivion, this demo-model DDR SP4 (designed and built in the Domincan Republic, although DDR is the name of the designer if I remember right) is built around Toyata MR2, but now that it’s in production in the United States, I believe it’s available with far more powerful driveline options.

(Pictures from Carlisle 2006 — stay tuned over the next while for many, many more photos. I’ll be back home on Tuesday or Wednesday, and will start posting in earnest then.)

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  1. DDRMS Team says:


    I want to thank you for posting the pictures of the DDR in your website so soon. I want to commend you for the sharpness and clarity of the pictures (great job!).

    I appreciate what you are doing and it is a great boost for our business and to the promotion of our SP4. However, I think that it a little bit unethical to simply post that is a replica of another manufacturer (after I clarified it personally to you at Carlisle). I can relate that when you first see the sightlines of the DDR your mind relates it to that of another brand, (it happens all the time with consumer vehicles) but make no mistake that the DDR is a design influenced by european designers. I am very sure that you have already compared the pictures of the car you mention with ours. and you can see the differences in great detail. In addition, the DDR has been fully registered in the USA and is in the process of being registered in Canada as well and belive me, I am sure that it would not have been possible to register it as an unique design unless it was one.
    Thanks again for your effort to make us part of your website.
    DDR Motorsport team.

  2. Sorry, I did not mean it to come off that way, and for the record for anyone reading this, I should clarify that the DDR guys went out of their way to emphasize to me in person that this car is NOT a replica, but a car inspired in general by supercars of this type.

    I wish the DDR nothing but success, and am thrilled to see it coming to market!

  3. skeptic says:

    good luck dodging lawsuits. looks like a sweet rendition of the tube-glass-mid arrangement.

  4. Donnie says:

    Its a Clear replica of the F1. To try and say its “inspired” by anything is BS . Im sure your CA title does not say Unique Design.

  5. Christian Cepeda says:

    This is a great car and the more competion there is in the market the better it is for consumer in terms of prices and options, besides competition excite development and inovations.

  6. Roy says:

    Great car. Looks very good. How many of these have you built?

  7. roland says:

    do you want to sell your mclaren because im willing to buy

  8. Phase3 says:

    This car is truly amazing, having read the information on the DDR site I can see that this car is nothing short of a DDR Brain Child. Granted there are some similarities between it and other models, however it’s naive to say it is a direct replica. Honestly there haven’t been any truly novel designs in many many years, everything builds upon the ideas of those already inplace. I am seriously considering puchasing one of these, and will be contacting DDR to see if they can set the chassis up to recieve an RB26 DETT.

  9. joe says:

    hey great car i will be buying one as soon as it’s available the only differance is i will be building a mr2 motor for it.

  10. shaan says:

    i think they should put a escort cosworth engine they are very powerful but the car lovely

  11. jon says:

    Is it for sale?

  12. M.A says:

    can you buy it built?

  13. BB. says:

    My boss has a REAL one . he’s like a billionare though its SOOO SEXY!!!

    i can tell the two apart.

  14. George Cavallo says:

    Hey if this is for sale then how much would it be?

  15. Clay says:

    The first Dominican car, thats excellent; we stepping up, how much ya selling it?

  16. Michael says:

    Can you buy the kit for this? And would it be able to fit on a fiero frame?

  17. Ben says:

    Hello, I have been calling an emailing these people for about 6 months now, and absolutly no response, I plan on buying more than one, does anyone have a used sp8 they want to sell? I dosen’t have to be finished even if it is still just how it was from the manufacturer no problem, I just want one dammit! email me at cap77rice@yahoo.com

  18. Ben says:

    I dosen’t = it dosen’t, whoops

  19. Peter says:

    Wow I really like this DDR but is it hard to find any additional info about, not even a price or where to get the kit from.

  20. Matt says:

    There is a guy claiming he has paid DDR and no delivery of product:


    Buyer Beware.

  21. Sweet with time and lots of money…. Dreams can come true!

  22. jim says:

    to bad they don’t return phone calls cant sell cars that way

  23. Mark says:

    There is much better Mclaren F1 replica, they have options with MR2 based or space frame tube chassis.


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