Death Race 2000 inspired MTV car

This car inspired by Death Race 2000 was built on the MTV show Fast Inc in an episode (8; “Death Race 2006”) where Mean Magazine wanted to do a shoot inspired by the movie. Instead of using a 70s Vette like in the movie, they decided to go with a second generation Aztec kit car on a VW chassis. The car is located in the Las Vegas area and you can write if you’re interested (watch for it on eBay soon as well). It needs new glass and a new motor and paperwork.

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  1. Bats says:

    I believe it was well over a year ago when this one first hit samba for sale, I wanted to junp on it, take the horns off the front the snorkle off the rear and rebuild it,
    I think it would have been sweet on my mid engineering chassis,
    i always loved the long nosed gull wing Aztecs
    Besides looking a bit tacky right now if you look past that it’s in pretty good shape for one of these early cool cars,
    There was , at the time no cheap way to get it from Cali to Fl. that and the actual owner would never contact me back,

  2. Rick says:

    Actually, it was an Aztec that was in the movie, not a Vette as commonly believed. The film was so low budget that the producers had to find the cheapest cars available – kit cars!

  3. Paul Wilkinson says:

    You learn something new everyday!

    It was the ‘Manta’ looking car of Machine Gun Joe that had me confused. Anyone know what it was?

    Here’s a link, no guarantees of the accuracy though…

  4. Bats says:

    Sorry, the Car in the film Death race 2000 called the “Monster” was a Shala vet by dick dean, being styled as a baby vette that is where the confusion comes in, it was powered by a corvair engine, Here are pictures
    Last I saw it someone had a blown engine on a 425 sticking out the back that ruins the cars movie history.
    One shala body shell was on samba and another driver one just went thru fleabay,
    I would love to have one,

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