Diesel-Electric Trike

There’s an interesting DIY trike project up for sale on eBay right now (just about to end; #190281499267) in Sanford, Florida.

It’s described as 80% complete, and is powered by a 36x12V Sevcon PowerPak mated to an 84 volt D&D Sepex electric motor, with a 10 HP Carroll Motor Company diesel motor for hybrid running — the two engines are connected by a chain drive. It needs a new fuel pump and a linkage between the gas pedal and electric speed regulator, but other than that the driveline is complete. It’s got independent air suspension all around, and has an adjustable ride that sites between two and seven inches off the ground. The builder estimates that the car should get 216mpg, and it’s been tested at 35mph with an estimated top speed of 70mph.

Build diaries are online at www.tshtrikes.com.

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