Don Miller’s Avenger

It’s built on a ’66 VW chassis, and is relatively stock other than the custom paint job. If I recall correctly it ended up selling for about $1,500. Seriously folks, one of the reasons I got into kitcars in the first place is that I knew that it was the only way as a 16-year old (I didn’t have parents that bought me everything) I was going to get to drive a sportscar until I grew up.



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  1. christopher says:

    do you wont to sale it i have a $1000 i can gave you for it i live in manchester nh ir it run and drive if so taxe me at 603-854-1162

    • Donnie says:

      You do realize the kit car you are asking to purchase is something we posted back in 2006 right? Your best bet is to search ebay or better yet look at one of the dozens of Avengers that are on craigslist everyday.

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