Elite Laser 917 Doors and Headlight Covers Available

I just wanted to pass on to everyone that Mark Clapp has Elite Laser 917 Doors and Headlight Covers Available for immediate purchase. He currently makes door windows for all Laser models, quarter windows for the B/C/D models, and light coves for the A/B models.

These are great replacements (and the only replacements I know of ) for the Laser 917 kit cars.  Laser door windows are $250/pair, $50/pair for quarter windows, and $150/pair for a/b body light covers.

Give him a call or shoot him an email   mclapp5526@gmail.com 816-286-6982 to get yours ordered today!


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  1. Matt says:

    Mark does great work! I bought a set of his headlight covers for my Valkyrie.

    • Bryan says:

      I purchased door windows but hasn’t seen the headlight covers available yet.

      Something about to hard to produce because they are round instead of flat. It’s the only parts I’m missing and can’t find them anywhere.

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