Cimbria SS On Craigslist

There is a Cimbria SS On Craigslist as I type this post. It is definitely a project car bust from what the listing says it is a 1 owner car and was a built and driving vehicle long ago. The price is a bit high in my opinion for this car, but if you can get it for the right price it would be a cool one to have. Just keep in mind that these cars have not been made in many years and things like the windshield cant be purchased at your local auto glass superstore.

The seller is looking for $4500 or best offer.

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  1. Rich says:

    Don’t they share the same windshield with the Sebring/Sterling ?

    • Donnie says:

      Something tells me they were similar but not exact. From the sterling website…

      “Windshield for an original Sterling Sports car. We have them specially made. Dot approved curved glass, laminated safety glass. Now with black boarder to hide glue and top tint. Will work with Sebring”

      But at $800 its a pretty expensive item

      • Rich says:

        Like with the Bradley GT 2 . Those were a custom deal. I’ve got a Kelmark GT they use a Pinto windshield not very expensive but the shipping is.

  2. Rick says:

    Actually, one of our club members took it upon himself to have the windshields replicated for his own SS. So.. yes, they are available, but only for the SS. And you’ll need to be willing to pay for it – roughly $1700 with shipping anywhere in the US. The Sterling windshields will not fit without some serious fiberglass work.

  3. bats says:

    I do not recall why but I was under the impression that is was a cut down sterling windscreen, I was also told by a couple people the cim screens were crack prone due to the frame design….;-(

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