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  1. bats says:

    The rare Fiberfab Centurion,
    I have seen a few through the years and the worse thing to me being a Corvette fan and also a custom and kit fan is how the owners of the Centurion what to make it some holy grail of the Corvette world, ( trying to denounce it’s a kit car )
    Yes, the styling is a rip of GM’s racers and show cars of the 60’s but the connection ends there this while a full body IS still a custom car NOT a real corvette even when built on a vette chassis, it’s then a custom not some rare one of a kind GM show car,
    Okay so much for my ranting about keeping it real,
    These things are pretty cool, a very neat way to have an open air land rocket without doing the overplayed AC Cobra thing,
    I helped sell one a few years ago, after sleeping on it like a wise old Indian if I wanted it or not, I decided against it as the c3’s are my favorite, my 69 Convertible has that nasty road race look but still when one pops up I have to wonder.
    One thing for sure with Jay type money a build is going to be sweet.

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