Fiberfab Aztec GT Fliptop

Brian sent us in a few photos of his great looking Aztec GT fliptop. This car is on my bucket list of ones I am going to build or own one of these days. And this is a great example of one. Not sure what he paid for it but I hope he got a great deal.

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  1. Brian says:

    Less than $6,000, more than $5,000.

    • Vincent says:

      I as well saw it way back when it was for sale,
      I got a chance to look at it, nice find.
      If you ever decide to sell her shoot me a message.
      Been dreaming of that car ever since lol.

  2. the13bats says:

    I will go out on a limb, these cars are pretty rare and a nicely finished one is even more so,
    I believe I saw this car for sale a few months back at the Webster car show,
    The one I saw didn’t have an automatic top but rather a “prop” rod that held it open.

    It looked pretty good to me and the asking price seemed fair,
    While I am sure the pop top is better for many reason I was always drawn to the Gull wing version, but FF put very small gull wings on these as they did the Banshee, I doubt I could even get in one with gull wings.

    I love these cars and was very surprised to see a nice one at a show so I am very happy it found a new home.

    • Brian says:

      Regarding rarity, I have very good information – from a source at Fiberfab when they were still in business – that they made about 20 flip tops and a total of 200 GT II’s.

      This probably was the car you saw in Webster. The roof used to stay up by itself. One of the previous owners installed power windows and the extra weight was too much for the hydraulic cylinders to keep the top open.

      I actually have the “prop rod”. It’s a curtain rod. The previous owner even put a nice crack in the roof with it. Not a hole, but something we’ll need to fix when it’s time to redo the body.

      We cut a piece of conduit in half and keep the roof open by putting the half pieces of conduit over the hydraulic cylinder shafts and letting the roof come down until it lays on the conduit. It works for now and there’s not change of poking holes in the roof.

  3. Brian says:

    I’ll have an enormous amount of information on the car soon. Build pictures and other facts. A previous owner has contacted me and is coming to visit the car soon, with pictures, the wiring diagram, etc. They owned the car starting in ’79. I already have about 25 pictures from them and a ton of info on the car, but I’ll wait until after the visit to post things.

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