FiberFab Aztec Project Car

The folks at Freddie’s Transmission in Dallas, who have quite a few neat old cars for sale (including a VW Trike) have a first-generation FiberFab Aztec (being sold for a customer) — which I prefer to the later slew of GT40-knockoffs that later dominated the exotic kitcar market — with the flip-top for sale for one of their customers. It’s definitely a project with a lot of work, and hasn’t run in years. “Make an offer”, they say. In my opinion it’s worth in the realm of $500… hope you have plenty of time on your hands. Love the paint job it used to have. Very Austin Powers.

…but does it come with the ketchup bottle?

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  1. connie says:

    What kind of chassis is the body on? Any drive train? Engine? Do you have other fiberfabs

  2. I’d be 99.9% sure it’s on a VW chassis. This is the only Fiberfab that they have right now.

  3. Tim DiGuardi says:

    Is this car still for sale? I am scouting for old Aztec Gt kit cars. Tim

  4. Jim(Xprize Aztec owner) says:

    Hi guys- this car is now the white Xprize car, which I had shipped to Atlantic Beach, FL I stripped the paint and re-gel coated it. Jim

  5. Taylor says:

    Car still for sale?

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