Fiberfab Centurion Rarity

I’ve owned a couple Vettes, and I’ve mentioned my affinity for the Mako Shark in the past, but it was a real treat to see this obscure Fiberfab kit up for sale — a Centurion SS on a ’58 Corvette chassis. Perhaps a dozen of these were made, so it’s very rare. Most (or perhaps all but this one) were made without a full windshield and with only a single rear hump. This car sat for thirty years in the garage of the father-in-law of the current seller, and I suspect this is the only time you’ll see this car for sale. You can write to Will at or bid on the eBay auction (#200304513497). The car is located in Foresthill, California.

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  1. Bats says:

    Bidding will go high on thos rare one…

  2. Bats says:

    Bidding will go high on thos rare one…

  3. Len says:

    how many of these bodies were built,I hear 5 cars were built but possibly more(total of 8)and sold as kit car bodies,Ihave one of these purchased in California 1965 by Lucky Rocha in Saskatchewan Canada who built and sold it after many years of use to a fellow in California.The California DMV tag is still in the door jamb.the car was sold again back into B.C. Canada and I have had it in my storage shed for 21 years as of end of June 2010.I knew very little about these cars until recently when I decided to restore and research it.Lucky has been to my place and there is no doubt he was the original owner.I would like more info on these kits if anybody has it email,,,

  4. Steve says:


    This FiberFab Centurion is back on eBay with some fully researched info.

    110548483763 Or

    Thanx and Regards, MCL

  5. Georgia Tornow says:

    Bidding was probably not high enough. The car ist still for sale. But what should a potential buyer think about the water in the hood’s recesses? Was the Centy parked outside for three decades? No care was taken about this poor mule.

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