Fiberfab Scarab STM Kit Car Body For Sale

Here is something you dont have a chance to purchase everyday. this is a fiberfab scarab stm kit car body. It was a three wheel kit car produced by fiberfab in the late 1970s. These kit cars only come up for sale every once in a great while and to this day I have never seen one of the scarab stm kit car projects ever get completed.

Some will argue that these kit cars are rare, but in my eyes it was just a failed attempt at a kit car people really were not ready for.

This is one of my bucket list fiberfab cars,but lucky for you I have no room in my toy box right now.

if you have a serious interest in this kit car body send me an email and I will get you in contact with the owner. He has owned it since the early 1980s and wants to let it go.

its a great deal at $1500 . I have attached a pic of the body as well as a few others

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  1. Rick says:

    A complete one came up for sale not too far from me some years back. It needed work, but everything was there. It was only $1200… don’t know what happened to it. But $1500 for just the body? Wishful thinking, unfortunately. Rare doesn’t necessarily mean valuable. And… unless the other half of the body is available, it’s only ‘half’ the kit.

  2. Rich says:

    Value isn’t necessarily monitary not everyone is looking to buy and flip. If there is something I want taking a hit in a trade is justified. After all getting what you want is important the money is secondary.

  3. Rich says:

    Value is subjective not everyone looks to flip and profit. It could be something you’ve always wanted.

  4. Vince Hollin says:

    I am interested in body can you send more photos. And can you estimate shipping I live in Ohio there is no mention of state it’s located in

  5. Jon Grove says:

    I have a completed 1975 Scarab kit car that you can see. Its sitting in my garage.
    The link is to my flickr page containing the photo.

  6. Dan Hennis says:

    Did you ever sell this? Either way, I would like more info if you have it on its location and condition today.

  7. Dan Hennis says:

    Did this ever get sold? Did the new buyer do anything with it? Im interested if it is still, or could be available.

  8. Jonathan Cruz says:

    is this still available?

  9. Tom C Weiss says:

    who finally bought it

  10. Bob says:

    I have a body & frame complete for sale.Needs a bike added to it & paint unless you like green metal flake

  11. Thomas says:

    I own 2 of them. Blue and a Yellow. For sale. 817-629-5481. Texas

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