Well as with most kit cars this one is just a bit overpriced . As you can tell this is a sterling kit car project and its in Texas. I am going to bet that at one time or another this was a great looking car. I bet it turned heads. But as it sits today it is just a shell of what it once was.

At least the seller has a bit of info to go with the ad unlike most people on craigslist…

This is for a Sterling GT kit car. It’s a perfect project for someone who loves unique cars!

It has no title but it needs a new chassis underneath anyway. It is supposed to sit on a VW chassis. It’s worth the price as the body of the kit runs $10,000 for a new body alone. This is one of only a handful in the state. It’s a very rare neat looking car to drive and own. We’re selling it because our son doesn’t have the time to work on it. The top is off along with the hood and seats, etc. He took it apart to begin work, and it hasn’t been put back together, but we have everything he took apart/off of it. It doesn’t have an engine and it has part of the transmission.

I’m showing two pictures. The one of the purple and blue car is the actual car. The red car is not the actual car but what it would look like finished. If you’re interested please call the number listed above under contact. We’re asking $2000 OBO.

Sure the price to get a new body for a vw chassis according to the sterling website is just a hair over $15,000 but to be honest who could purchase a new one when you can buy several project cars for that amount? Its not like you cant pick up a running, driving example these days for just a few $1000. The plus side is the seller is asking $2000 OBO. So you might be able to leave with it for $500 . It might even have a good windshield for that price. You never know until you email them. I would love to provide you with a bunch of pics of the sterling kit car but sadly they only have one and it is from a distance.


Sterling Kit Car Project in Texas