FireAero 3-wheeler still ticking in 2006

Yes, this is the same FireAero that I posted last time, but this time it’s 2006, and last time it was 1999 — this is one of the “regulars” of the Carlisle show, and one of my favorite cars there so I was very happy to get to see it in person and get to meet the owners who use this as their travel vehicle (note the trailer of course).

fireaero-1.jpg fireaero-2.jpg fireaero-3.jpg fireaero-4.jpg

From the car’s info sheet: The FireAero Cycle Car was a kit (no longer manufactured) out of California made from 1983 to 1989 in two generations. It is believed that five to seven of the first generation were made, and about a dozen of the second generation. The kit sold for about $5000, and used parts from a Pinto for the front end, a Honda Gold Wing (1982) to power it, a modified 15″ VW wheel at the back, tied together with a custom chassis.

You can contact the owner, Thomas Ingram, at (tell him you saw him on PriceOfHisToys if you do!).

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