First-Gen FiberFab Aztec Kit Car

Long ago Jim D. bought this first generation Aztec from a friend. This is a picture of it back in 1976. He’s asked me to try and help him find other pictures of Aztecs of this era, so if you have some email them to me, and I’ll try and dig some more of from my archives (I recently posted Eric’s Aztec GT).

I remember when I was in high school and desperately wanted my first kit car, my father and I nearly bought one of these, although the owner had build a V8 chassis for it rather than a VW based one.

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  1. Aaron Carpenter says:

    I recently bought an original Aztec GT. It is a flip top in fairly good shape. My biggest problems will be properly hinging the top and mounting a fueltank in front where it is sopposed to be. I have no way of posting any pictures at this time but will soon.

  2. Grant Ferrer says:

    My dad and older brother, Frank and Gary Ferrer bought two of these in 1967. They had them sent to them to Miami. My dad being an airplane restorer of crashed airplanes took a couple looks at the cars and said they could do something better after seeing the flimsy body parts. The result was the Ferrer GT which was never meant to be sold but only for my dad and older brother who at the time was 21. They used the Aztec body as the mold and extended it and added other details and the result was then given the name of my dad, Ferrer GT. they made about 103 of them. They were a well made car and my father has a natural nack for building beautiful designs.

  3. Tim DiGuardi says:

    Grant Ferrer, if you are still out there somewhere, do you know of any of your fathers cars for sale? The Ferrer GT? I would be interested if you know of one. Also looking for an Astra GT. Tim

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