Gerrit’s (Second) Bonito

Back in the 1970s Gerrit (in The Netherlands) built himself a Bonito, but sold it and never was able to refind it… I know what that feels like!

Anyway, his Bonito is a polyester body on a VW Beetle chassis with a Golf GTI engine swap (radiator up front). He’s not the original builder of this one, but did a lot of repairs, including replacing the front axle, gear box (Porsche 5-speed), disc brakes, leather seating, with lots more planned — Gerrit says he’ll keep us updated with this ongoing project.

bonito-side2.jpg bonito-side.jpg bonito-motor.jpg bonito-inside2.jpg bonito-inside.jpg bonito-front.jpg bonito-back.jpg

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  1. steve says:

    hi…iv seen your car for sale….to day in spuders or markt plaats…steve

  2. Gerrit says:

    Hello Steve,
    The car is not for sale right now.
    In april 2005 I bought this car so perhaps You saw an advertisement from the previous owner which is not canceled after sale.
    I am still working on the car and mounted recently new tyres.
    Switch on POP ups and take a look :
    Project Gerrit H


  3. Gerrit says:

    The Bonito Club Holland has some news.
    we have started a new website.
    This is from now on the official Bonito site in the Netherlands.
    The URL is
    There is a forum for all who are interested in the FT Bonito GT40 Replica.
    So please visit our site !

  4. Alan says:

    I have found 1 of these bodies in the US but it has no windshield. What does it use?

  5. Gerrit H says:

    The FT Bonito has front windshield of Ford 12 M P6
    Thats a ford from the 60’s
    Back windshield is opel comodore coupe also 60’s
    More information you will find at
    There is a site and a forum on wich you can ask questions.


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