Gorgeous Orange Aztec 7

Seth has what I think is one of the nicest, cleanest looking Fiberfab Aztec 7’s on the market, and it’s currently up for sale in a no-reserve eBay auction (#250261020174). His car is located in Lynchburg, VA, and the auction is currently at a mere $761 (it ends next Wednesday). If I was going to bid on an Aztec 7, this one would definitely be getting my attention, and I think whoever gets this will be quite happy. Personally I think this one is worth somewhere in the $10,000 range.

As I mentioned, this example looks super-clean with a nice by-the-book finish on the car, although they’ve fixed what I think is the design’s one Achilles heel, the ultra-ugly and somewhat immense light pods (check them out on the Aztec 7 a few entries down from this one). His headlights have been relocated to the tip of the nose. It hasn’t driven since 2002 — this is another “barn find” — but it seems to be a pretty solid example and I can’t imagine it would take much time or money to get it into a daily driver state. It’s registered as a “1992 Reconstruction”, so it’s got a nice kitcar title rather than just being registered as a Beetle.

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  1. ray egan says:


    I’m thinking of buying an Aztek 7 car that is 80% complete from a friend for $600 and would love to know what changes this SETH person made to the original design, besides the headlights ( great idea !! ) that you mentioned— the great paint job is obvious. Is the trunk area normally hinged from the rear, or is this stock also. I am still learning about the car, so excuse my ignoranc e!!

    I am going to do an EV conversion on the donor car, which currently has no engine, but has the tranny intact. It appears that most of it looks stock but I am wondering if he had the thing lowered an inch or so ??

    thanks for any help


    Miami Beach

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