Great buy on Florida Avenger

Looks like when I paid less than 3000.00 for my project Valkyrie and thought that was top dollar I got a real bargain, I had no idea these Avengers had gone up so much in value.

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  1. Ron says:

    I think he has the decimal in the wrong place!

    • Bud Short says:

      I’m thinking the decimal isn’t the only thing he has in the wrong place. Has anyone noticed that this car has no side windows? I’m guessing the builder didn’t have either the ability or the time to tackle that particular chore involved with Avenger construction.

  2. Donnie says:

    This is what happens when you hit the pipe and the bottle at the same time. He has had this for sale many of times and it will be for sale for many more to come

  3. Rich says:

    I would trade him my CitiCar electric and a frozen pizza to be named later. No where in reality is it worth that sort of money but he can dream.

  4. Bronz says:

    Ok, so it’s not worth the money he is asking. But then again consider the following: first, no one asks what they want for the car. He would probably take considerably less, maybe 20, but he can bargain down from 35 and asking a lot eliminates the tire kickers. Second, it comes with the trailer, so… what’s that, maybe 5k? Third, it’s an awesome example. Finish is nice, no cracks in the gelcoat, paint looks fresh, wheels and tires are good. It’s a running and driving example, whereas most of the ones we see for sale are not running, not insured, inspected, titled, have no plates, flat tires, rusted wheels, etc. Right now that’s a car, not a kit. A car that could be worth 15k +5k for the trailer and he could be asking 35 hoping to get 20. Fourth, consider inflation and the market. Say it was 1976 and you bought a kit car, a VW and had it painted, mounted and finished like that one. Say it was worth $5,000 after all was said and done. $5,000 in 1976 is worth 19,891.45 in 2012 (according to an inflation calculator I used) so it’s considerably closer to what he is asking. Also, think about the appreciation of kit cars. Demand has risen for these cars and they don’t make very many reasonably priced modern kits. Guys want an honest car that doesn’t have a computer. A classic, limited production car that will be fun and turn some heads. That’s exactly what he has here.

    So yes, I agree that the car is overpriced, but I don’t think he’s on a different planet or anything. He’s maybe 10k off top dollar.

    • bats says:

      Bronz while I believe I get where you are trying to come from you have a few errors, opinions stated as fact,
      We all do that,
      I have never seen the car in person I have no idea if the finish is 100% show car as you say but I can see being savvy with kits and customs the car isn’t what I would call a 35k or 25k build,
      Asking a huge and ridiculous price doesn’t weed out dreamers and tire kickers it just makes true savvy shoppers pass it by to look at one of the zillion other Avengers out there which they are, in the last two years I have seen several Avengers that appeared nicer than this one sell for 5-7 K. ( and less ) seldom very seldom does a vw based kit get more than 7-8K no matter how nice it is.
      I know the fellow who bought my old Sterling, ( nicer than this Avenger ) I know the car had well over 50K invested by the fellow I sold it to the car is still a show queen and yet 5K was the cash price.
      Economy dropped so that killed any inflation in price hike, it’s a buyers market if a seller is lucky enough to find a buyer. your inflation calculator doesn’t reflect what I have seen paid for such cars over the last few years. but it’s a sweet thing to dream with if I was a seller I would love it.
      It comes with a trailer..who cares? what if a buyer doesn’t want or need it and the added costs kill their budget. if that was a have to take it and if I was in the market I would pass right there, I don’t have time to flip a trailer,
      And the car isn’t as squared away as you think, wiring can be a major issue if it wasn’t he would have done it by now,
      If I recall it is also missing windows and have we seen the interior?
      The look of the stocker type 3 doesn’t reflect that kind of money either,
      This might be a solid 5-7 K kit car….
      I believe how the seller comes off sums it up, he doesn’t want to sell this car at all and just posts it for fun.

  5. Donnie says:

    $26k now and still way off.

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