Happy Birthday Merrill

Today is a special day in the history of the “Kit Car”. Eighty-four years ago, on this day (04-12-2014) Merrill Powell came into this world and in 1953 he along with Doc Boyce-Smith started Victress Manufacturing ; one of the earliest component car companies. Victress only lasted 8 short years but out of its shops came many highly collectible car designs. Many of their designers went on to design many of the other cars that began our industry. While crude by today’s standards, Many Victress cars were completed and now are restored, touring councours all over the world along-side the great cars of the day.

Merrill Powell is one of the special guests at this year’s edition of The Carlisle Kit Car/Import Festival. (http://bit.ly/1qpozm6)┬áHe will be there as should some of his legendary cars. I hope Carlisle was already on your to do list this year, if it now start booking your hotel now. Our hobby owes thanks to these pioneers and there will not be many years left to thank them in person. If you cannot make Carlisle this year don’t fret much, I am scheduled to sit down with Mr. Powell to see what stories I can extract. They should be great and I look forward to passing them along.victress


Various Victress over the years.

picture from www.americansportscars.com

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