A Weekend Out


So part of my day job causes me to travel some. This weekend I needed to go to the Charlotte AutoFair to do some research for a possible 2015 event here at work. While there I figured let’s see what else I could find.  I knew there would be nice Vintage auto, this being an AACA event. There of course were hundreds of Mustang and Ford venders, great for you Factory Five guys. GM had a great presence. There were a surprising number of VW vendors however. pans , motors, transmissions, cars, titles. Then among the rows and rows of cars (The pedometer recorded 16 miles on Friday) were a nice selection of kit cars. A few Dune Buggies, Superlite Cars was there with a massive display of SL-Cs, a few Cobra guys, and an interesting Sebring 3000. The Sebring had more gauges under the hood than the last cockpit is was in. They Must do Something, but the price wasn’t bad, provided it didn’t need a complete rebuild. I am posting this here jst to remind Priceofhistoys readers that our kits can be found everywhere, and when looking in the unexpected cases (ie AACA swap meets) a few good deals might be had.




Sebring 3000



Backdraft Racing



Dune Buggie 1 (manufacture unknown)



Dune Buggie 2 (manufacture unknown)


Superlite SL-C


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