Happy New Year

Where in the world did 2015 go? This year we have seen some really cool, and not so cool kit cars. It appears to me that the kit car industry is changing for the good. We have seen companies like Widow Sports Cars, DF goblin, and Jakabi Design to name a few. These companies are thinking outside the box in regards to donor cars while attempting to make kit cars affordable for the average builder.

In addition laws were passed that will allow kit car companies that produce body styles older than 25 years or older to build turnkey kit cars without the hassle of costly crash testing and other regulations .

The used kit car market seemed to be very alive as well. . As with years past asking prices were all over the place. While there were a lot of reasonable deals to be had there was also plenty of sellers who still think their Bradley gt kit car project is worth $5000.

We are going to work really hard in 2016 to complete our kit car value tool. This tool will allow you to get a realistic value of some of the more popular old kit cars out there. We will also be expanding our offerings on the website.

Well we want to wish you all a great 2016. Be safe!


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