Couple of Cool Kit Car Bodies on Craigslist

Here are a few cool kit car bodies on craigslist . The seller is asking $500 each. The seller seems to think they are some rare prototype kit cars but they are not. I sent the seller an email to let him know what he is selling. Whether or not the seller decides to change the ad is on them. I just wanted to give them the correct info. This is what the ad says….

I have 2 rare proto type kit car bodies.
you cant even find pictures of these on the internet, some come close but these are one of a kind.
see pictures
red one has fiberglass floor pc, dash pc, tilted raceing fiberglass seats with spider webbed covers.
I have all windows and doors like it is supposed to be.
see pictures…. note the 4 in 1 picture is an example of the car on a vw frame.
white one has 1/2 doors with hinges intact, they do open n close, t tops, someone extended the fenders you can finish or remove this. nice body.
great for rat rods hot rod bodies custom show cars
1000.00 for both or 500.00 each cash only
will consider trade items, what do you have.

So now lets unwrap the mystery.

The red kit car is an invader GT (Yes I am aware it is modified) It was a car Shannon posted here in 2006. from the looks of it this invader kit car was being customized to give it a widebody look. The body looks EXACTLY as it did almost 10 years ago. There is also one that was yellow (now black )

As I have said many times, I am not a big fan of the invader, but I do sort of think with a bit more work this one could be better looking than the original Invader GT Kit Car.

The white car is one of just a handful of Ferrer GT Kit Cars that was produced. Long story short the Ferrer GT, is a modified Fiberfab Aztec. It was also sold in Brazil as the Lorena GT. This one was posted in 2005 on the Samba asking for Identification. Back in 2005 this body looked EXACTLY the same way as it does now. Again this one got modified. It appears they added to the wheel wells, cut open the top (maybe for easy entry into the car?) and some other little things.

It just goes to show that all the best intentions in the world does not get a kit car finished, or in this case even started haha.

The seller of these bodies are close to me from what it seems. Well at least in Eastern North Carolina somewhere. They are priced at $500 each which I would say is fair. I do not feel either would be worth much more than that partly because of the amount of work and money that they will require to be road going. Maybe you can get them cheaper as a package deal. Who knows.

If you want to check them out the listing is here

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  1. todd says:

    Thanks donnie for your information on my 2 kit car bodies. I have been messing with dune buggies, kit cars ect since I was 13 years I am 50 years old and still trading and getting weird items like these. Its nice someone like you would take time to help. I drive my vokaro kit car and dune buggy often but am to old to build these cars now. But I cant help buying and trading for these.

  2. Brandon says:

    Hey, I’m in SC. I too have a Ferrer GT. Its on it original chassis that was built by Ferrer motors in ’65. Its been sitting since the early 70s. It has some of its original parts like seats, doors, side windows, etc. but missing other parts. It may be for sale soon Todd.

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