How many sterlings can one man own?

Well apparently the answer is 14 . Check out this Craigslist listing out of Oregon. . The sellers has them starting at $1500 . If you are on the west coast and in the market for a sterling today may be your lucky day. Sometimes I wish I lived on the West Coast. Seems the best deals are always out there.

Let us know if you pick up one or more of these gems.

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  1. Rick says:

    Yep, my man Greg in Oregon. One of the unofficial hoarders of the cars… and a nice guy to boot. He’s always uncovering a car somewhere on the upper west coast and knows his stuff.. so if you’re looking specifically for a Sterling, he’s my go-to west coast contact!

  2. Jean PAul says:

    I´d like to know if they are available now, and how can I contact the seller?
    I´m from Venezuela, and I saw one Sterling Kit Car there 25 years ago and I fell in love of it.

  3. Greg Hampton says:

    :} I am finally down to 12 now! yes, low ballers have hit me hard. wanting to trade for guns, motorcycles, and other things I just don’t want! I have projects ones ,4 daily driver ones, and a huge collection of used parts.

    So if your are interested just give me a call.

    Greg 209-402-9748

  4. Greg says:

    The gray one and the blue and copper one and the orange one have sold and are now in Wa. state.

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