Lancia Stratos Kit Car

One of the first and most asked about kit cars I ever posted was this gorgeous Lancia Stratos replica which was for sale here in Toronto. It was built around a genuine Ferrari V8 (255 HP, out of a 308). Built in England on a full tube chassis (total vehicle weight 1650 lbs with a very close-to-original fiberglass and aluminum body), large Brembo brakes, wishbone suspension, Esparo seats and five point harnesses, it was described as “very quick” (no sh*t, Shelock), and ready for both street use and racing. Asking price at the time was $33k, and at a time when the US dollar made that about $22k US, it sold quickly. I’d looked at it, but unfortunately at 6’2″ (and at the time, a rather portly build), I didn’t fit.

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