Laser 917 for sale on eBay

Pretty rough looking 917 right here. Auction says it has been sitting under a tree for about 10 years . Has an adapter plate for a V8, no floor pans and will need a serious makeover to make it road ready. Positives is it has a Vin plate and Title.


Would you BIN for $1800?

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  1. bats says:

    If I understand it was set up for th425 toro, which people know I dont care for, however, running the 350 on that is better The other plus is it’s the best of lasers the “D” body what I see is a car that is yelling to be custom finished, depending on the condition of the chassis it might get that 1800.00 seems 1000-1200 would be great.
    PS, Mark Clapp offers the side windows for these and perhaps even the headlights covers.

  2. Russell says:

    I got this for $1100 delivered to my house 60 miles away. It came with one seat also. Its sitting in the garage right now. I’ve got to get my ’55 Chevy pickup ready for paint first before I can start on this.

    • Nancy says:

      Wow!! I am pretty sure I know the original owner!!! One of his sons has been searching for the car. This is crazy. He never talked about what happened to the car after he moved to Ohio. I know alot of people were trying to find out its whereabouts. Crazy huh??

    • jr says:

      Do you want to sell the 917. Looking for a father and son project.

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