Lazer Gt from Elite Enterprises

Here is a kit car you do not see everyday. Justin sent us these photos of a great Lazer GT that another reader Rick owns. Although production numbers are not known I have personally never seen one outside of print. I do not think Elite Enterprises made many of them. If anyone out there has additional information or photos of your own Lazer GT feel free to leave a comment or send us your photos








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  1. Justin says:

    I now know that production was arround 10 before a fire destroyed the molds and 3 of the 10 were also taken in the fire there are now only 4 are known of

  2. Rick says:

    These are MY pictures of MY car. I used to work for Elite Enterprises from 1975 – 1980 and I also own a Laser 917. Justin is trying to buy this car and my 917 from me. And to be perfectly clear there were only 4 ever made and this is the LAST one to leave the shop and delivered to a gentleman in Edina, MN on Nov. 27, 1972. It is in my possession and has NEVER been built. Open to offers to the right individual.

    • admin says:

      Justin told me in an email that he owns the car. Can only go by what the guy says. “Open to the right individual” makes you sound like you want an arm and a leg for it.I could have bought a 49er several years ago for $700 and I turned it down. While the Lazer GT is a neat looking car its only worth what someone would be willing to pay for it. In the kit car world things like “only 4 made” really do not mean all that much. Not something I would buy.

      I do suggest you use our classifieds if you are looking to sell it. Put a price you have in mind and get it out there. I will even make it a featured ad for you.

  3. Rick says:

    My statement “Open to the right individual” was meant to mean I will only sell it to the person who will build it the way it was intended. It is so rare that I don’t want to sell it to just anyone. Speaking of the 49er, I did many hrs. of work on the plug for that kit also. Never really got off the ground though. As only a handful of those were made also. These were sold after I was gone from Elite so I never really saw a finished kit. Just ahead of it’s time I guess.

    • admin says:

      Sorry about that Rick. Most people who use terms like that think they are sitting on a goldmine. Let me ask you something. Do you have any of the documentation to go with it? Such as the assembly manual or brochures? If you have a brochure I would appreciate it if you could scan it for me so I can add it to the site. I build the website to preserve this sort of information and have it all in one place for everyone to see.

      As far as the 49er goes, I have always liked it. It was always billed as ahead of its time. I have seen 2 of them in my life.

  4. Rick says:

    All I have is the original sales slip. I’m not even sure there WAS a build manual available. I have not “personally” seen a brochure but I have seen scans of 1, at least part of it anyway. I know a guy who I will see on Wednesday who may have some photos of the car because he worked at Elite before me. He lives not to far from me.

  5. justin says:

    sorry if i made it sound like i owned the car i contacted this site to try to find more to educate myself before trying to buy info thanks for the info by the way

    My apologies Justin Morrison

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