Ledl AS kitcar

Apparently based on or inspired by the Avante and Sterling/Nova designs, the Ledl AS out of Austria is yet another one of these ultra-rare kitcars that my friend (and regular site contributor — I think I need to set him up an account so he can post!) Joe Lee from Bulgaria delights in sending me. It was also sold for a brief period in Germany by the Tevog company.


After 700,000 kilometers of test drives, something like $11 million spent, and 220 cars sold, legal changes made it difficult to continue production and the company folded in 1987. Oh, and if you’re wondering what’s on the hood of the one in the picture, those are solar panels!

Photo courtesy of PEGE.

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  1. Claudius says:

    I´m an owner of a LEDL AS 130 (1985)
    and want to get in contact with other LEDL fans;
    it would be funny if we probably find a way to bring our cars together for a ride.

  2. germangirl says:

    We also own a Ledl AS 130. It is mostly restaurated (inside), but because of less time we want to sell it.
    Original colour was red, now it is yellow (as we bought it). Who knows where to offer it, is there a special web page? We are located in the south of munich, baviera in germania.
    Maybe somebody can help or is interested?

    Ciao, hear you soon 🙂

  3. Tor Henning says:


    From what I learned, the Ledl in it self was not a kit car. Ledl made theire own chassis, and designed theire own body. Biggest inspiration for the bodydesign was the Stratos.
    Runninggears was from Ford Escort. 1300, and 1600 ccm engines.
    The AS was produced betweene ’81 and ’87, but the prototype, Ledl Tanga, was shown alredy in ’78.

    The Ledel pictured here is a original car rebuilt with electroengine. Some of the energy needed comes from the solarpanels up front. Originally there was a grill there. The convertion was not done by Ledl.
    Ledl was involved in cars before the Ledl AS was born. He made kitcars. Buggies, Bugatti 35, and others. He also is the owner of the LED racecarhelmets. He did some racing him self, meaning that he knew how to build a chassis.

    The Ledl AS is most known as Austrias first massproduced sportscar. Cars was exported as far as Japan, and New Zealand. Because of the string emitions in Austria, it was actually export that was keeping the production going. There is actually not many Ledl AS cars inside Austria.

    Tor Henning

  1. June 11, 2006

    […] A while back we mentioned the LEDL AS and Claudius (from I think near Bratislova in the Slovak Republic, what is often said to be the home of the most beautiful women in the world) posted that he had one as well. He’s looking to get in touch with other LEDL fans and owners — email him at claudius at stoegner.com! Anyway, here’s a couple pictures of his (under two pretty much opposite lighting conditions). […]

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