Manx SR For Sale On eBay

I need to admit from the start that I am not a fan of the Manx SR. I never really thought it was a great looking car. While browsing eBay today I came across this all original Manx SR with a starting bid of $20,000 . As of me writing this there have been no bids and I am going to take a shot in the dark and say there will be no bids. Not at $20,000 . Here is a little info from the auction…

The vehicle I own is serial number SR02CO. SR (street Roadster) / 02 (2nd SR ever made) / C (3rd month of the year) / 0 (for 1970). Currently, based on the manufacturers production plate, it is the oldest documented existing Manx SR. It is also a survivor in completely original condition…unrestored. And it is also believed to be the first Manx SR ever built using a Corvair 6 cylinder engine, in this case the 4 carb 140 horsepower. Unlike the original Meyers Manx which was designed to use a 4 cylinder VW engine, the SR was designed with the idea of also accommodating the installation of a larger Porsche or Corvair 6 cylinder engine. It is built on a professionally shortened swing axle VW pan. It also has two very rare items mentioned in the original brochures that we’ve never seen on any other SR’s. The wheels were chromed with Manx badge inserts, and the rear hood had a factory “power bulge” allowing the installation of a 4 barrel carb on the Corvair engine. The interior and the folding Targa roof are in like new condition, and the roof even has the rare bag that originally came from the factory for storage. The car was verified by Winnie Meyers 16 years ago and has the original and authentic production badge under the hood. The car has a 1994 Virginia title, and based on stickers was last on the road in Virginia in 1988 with a previous owner.

Although the car is completely original and in survivor condition, basically it will need some minor work to freshen it up since it hasn’t been run since it was parked in my heated garage 17 years ago. It even appears to still have the original wide oval ties that were installed when it was built. Expect to change out the old gas and brakefluid clean the gas tank and carbs, check the brake system, change the fan belt, put in a new battery and tires, rechrome the wheels, and do a tuneup on it.

I also have to wonder if the fact that it was the second one made really adds any value to it. It has a cool history to it and all but eh! I have been wrong before but I just do not think it adds that kind of money. Do I think someone would pay $8000-$10,000 for it? Well I would never but I guess there could be really big SR fan out there who would. Do I think its going to sell for $20,000? Nope!!!

Do you think it is worth it? comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Anyway check out these photos and if you want to bid on this car you can find the auction by clicking on the link.

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