Manx SR on Craigslist. I think it is SUPER RARE

Ok as always I get a kick out of sellers who use RARE to describe a kit car or buggy. I get it only a few 100 were made, but that amounts to just about nothing in the kit car biz. In fact for a few 100 of any body to be built is a big deal in my eyes.

This seller is pretty convinced rare in caps is going to sell this car…

meyers manx fiberglass kit car known as a sr street roadster body,,,super rare this is not a copy or sr2 its a real meyers with data plate ,,,only 200 or less were built in 1970 only,,,,gull wing doors,,,vdo gauges,,,this was a 45 year one owner car,,,no cracks ever,,,no damage or repairs ,,,great original meyers with clean body,,,no motor early alloy 4 lug direct bolt rims,,,its needs a cleaning ,,dirt film from long term storage,,,,its silver with black top,,,,,few are left,,,,,its here and local,,,vs most were sold and wrecked in california,,,,,its 45 years old RARE and ,,might be the only one left in pennsylvania ,,,get east coast find,,,this was a adult car,,,never owned by a kid,,,has a valid pennsylvania dot data tag,,,this was given a pa saety check,,,and now has a grandfathered legal pa title,,,,,,color is silver with black targa top,,,its been in storage has to be washed ,,has dirty film to be wiped off,,,i rubbed a few spots it does clean off,,,look at rear apron for color

I have never been a fan of the SR and I can admit I do not know how desirable they really are, but $5900 for a snow covered example with no motor? What do you all think?

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  1. Rick says:

    I miss mine. And that car isn’t too far from me. But the visible roll cage and being left outside in the weather is about $2K too much for the asking price. Parts are non-existent with the exception of a guy that has most of the molds and will cast a part as needed. But, it is a valid Manx item and I still can’t fathom the “value” of a Manx, regardless of a traditional buggy or one of these. Mine sold for a little more than the asking price of this one, and it was a complete restoration. Took a bath on that car. But it was fun while it lasted!

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