Who’d have thought that I’d be posted another one of these ultra rare kits so soon? After posting the shots of Bruce’s car, I received the following email and pictures:

Hi! I’m Dodger, from Virginia. I’ve owned this car since the early ’90s and was never able to identify the kit; that is, until this morning, when I stumbled upon this “Price of His Toys” site. I now know that it’s a “March Hare” designed by Jim Edwards and John Marshall, head of Brigham Young University design school. Other than this one that I own, the only others that I’ve ever seen are the three previously posted on this site. Apparently this is a pretty rare kit. It needs restoration and I would love to find more information about this car.

As you can see, there are some build differences between Bruce and Dodger’s cars — the door and window treatments most obviously but also minor touches like the fender flares and scoops and trim.