My new Trike

while not a car the VW trikes still have their heart in the same spirit as they too use the VW donor.
I have owned and worked on other VW based trikes and this one just kind of happened,
I had a PT Cruiser I didn’t need and the owner of the trike needed a car for his wife,
So we swapped, it was located up near Jacksonville in beautiful Bryceville Fl,
On the way back home to Orlando Tina and I stopped off to see my dad who enjoyed our new toy.
We went the back way home with the stock 1600 VW engine burping and stuttering from poor timing and carb adjustments, the irony was the China import ignition switch gave out as we coasted into our driveway.
I need to get in there and see if the wiring is as big a mess as I fear.

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  1. Donnie says:

    Nice man. Good find!

  2. Rick says:

    My goodness you’re a big boy, Paul! I like the fact that it has a trunk, yet the PO placed that tiny little satchel by the front wheel… 🙂 Nice find, even better trade!

  3. bats says:

    Been pretty darn busy….so the trike did get us home but who knows how, the wiring was a mess, ( “mess” is like calling a skin rash leprosy )
    This does happen with home builds, in this case it was bad, the coil feed wire which was together with the fuel pump were connected to a tail light, with no fuse, the wiring had splices all over the place with no solder just twist and tape, it had cooked two ignition switches,
    Needless to say I started re-wiring it, almost done, I only work on it after dark too hot in the day time,
    I am hoping it will be done or close tomorrow,

    And then just today I learn dad went to get heart tests and it’s bad, they are keeping him until they can do a by pass, he is 86 so please send your kind thoughts and well wishes his way.

  4. bats says:

    I have been a bit MIA….dad had a triple by pass and valve at 87 and is staying at rehap but doing very well.

    The trike ended up needing full new wiring, the engine gone through and other little tweaks etc, in this case the PO were more clueless than out right con artists so I am very pleased with the creature.
    It’s running pretty good now and just waiting for the exhaust baffles from K & K so I don’t wake the neighbors.

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