My new project…..

Well ok so it is not a kit car. It is a 1993 Nissan 240sx convertible. I am going to be turning this one in to a drift car for the track I operate. It has the stock KA twin cam motor which will eventually be removed to make way for a RB25 or SR turbo motor. I got it of of CL for the low price of $1300 . From what I am told the rims could be sold off for more than what I bought the car for. I guess they were about $650 each when new and sought after because they are light and two piece. It also came with Tien springs, KYB shocks, and a 5 speed swap(Verts NEVER came with a 5speed) All and all a good purchase…


So what new projects do all of you have going on this summer?

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  1. bats says:

    Didnt you say this was a bucket list car?
    So big ol congrats to you for the very cool score…( I think you stole it )

    • Donnie says:

      Yeah man. It was a good deal for the most part. The top is wrecked and there are a few issues. I just decided we are going to use it as a drift car instead. So to takes its place I picked up an amazing 93 240sx hatchback 🙂

  2. dolo54 says:

    Wow those are nice wheels, for that price you got a steal, as a matter of fact, that car may be stolen!

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