Mystery UK kit? Apal Corsa!

My Bulgarian friend Joe Lee sends in this picture of a somewhat “Marcos”-looking kitcar that he thinks is out of the UK and is sitting on a Beetle chassis. Anyone recognize it? Is it even a kit car? I could swear I recognize it but my brain just isn’t working tonight.


UPDATE: This is actually a Beligian kit made by dune-buggy company APAL, the CORSA (in many ways this car is philosophically similar to the Manx SR). To the best of my knowledge it was a 2+2 sportscar (admittedly the backseat was pretty tiny) built on a VW chassis made for the latter half of the 70s. It was made with both a hard-top with gullwings and as a full roadster.

This car was briefly marketed in the UK by Cartune.

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  1. Jean-Marie says:

    It is a belgian kitcar.
    This car is an APAL AUKI on VW platform.

  2. You’re mostly right, yes — thank you, it gave me enough leads to figure it out. I’ll update the entry.

  3. Emerson says:

    Apal is the constructor of many differents cars – the first they built is the Apal Coupé looking as a Porsche Abarth
    then many buggies and finally a coupé receiving Mercedes mechanic

    Apal who means “Applications Polyester Armé Liege” (Armed polyester application Liège (the city where is based Apal))

  4. Trevor says:

    is there a url for more of these APAL’s?

  5. Emerson says:

    hi you can found an url here

    where you can see all – the Apal products from the Apal coupé to the last, never produced Apal Francorchamps Mercedes engined

  6. To know much more about APAL cars, visit our website!



  7. sorry, the website URL:

  8. devise says:

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