New Fiberfab emblems on eBay

Hey Everyone,


I am pleased to announce the release of several fiberfab emblems in our eBay store. These emblems are created on a 3d printer and are made using ABS plastic. They are super durable and ready to be painted in whatever color you choose. I have the Valkyrie, Avenger, Aztec 7, Migi, and Jamaican. In addition I have the metal hood emblems as well as the hood emblem for the Bradley GT. The plastic emblems are $12.99 and free shipping in the USA.

As a little heads up. Because they areĀ  made with a 3d printer they may have some slight blemishes. From a foot away you would never notice but an inch from your eyes you may. You can check them out here




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  1. bats says:

    these things are just simply HOT i will have to get a valk one for my horn button,

  2. jim severine says:

    Would you please contact me with regard to you Fiberfab emblems at your immediate convenience (203) 537-1966. I am looking for metal SS100 emblems from my 2 Jaguars….and also one for my Bradley GT II

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