Not a Pantera Kit Car

If you have been involved in kit cars for any amount of time you have seen some of the interesting descriptions sellers use to attempt to see their cars. I will say from the beginning that this is a pretty cool car. I have always like the Aquila . Assuming this one has a title the price is not even all that bad. They look really nice when done correctly and this one does seem to be pretty complete. If there is no title there is plenty of room to shave off the price. Kit cars are just difficult in a lot of states to title as special construction, kit cars, or whatever if the paperwork is not there. I know people can and do just purchase a title and vin from another seller of a car that has been junked but it is illegal and even though I doubt it would happen, you could get in deep water.

So back to this Aquila kit car. It was not based on the Pantera . From what I understand from my research many years ago is it was loosely based off the BMW M1 . It also seems the other big selling point with these is that only 150 were made. Frankly the number of these (or any other) kit cars mean very little when trying to sell one.

Lets take a look at what this seller has to say about his car…

Number 143 of 150 made Aquila kit car by American Fibre. I have original order receipt in 1980 and this car had never been completed and on the road. Zero miles on car. Car is super cool and super rare with Gullwing doors and looks more like a Ferrari. The chassis and drive train is a 1968 vw beetle with 1600 cc air cooled engine. Car has customs SS gas tank pulled and cleaned, engine gone through, new fluids, plugs, coil, starter. Interior painted, seats in the car, tons of parts come with car. All glass with car except windshield which comes from late 70s pinto. This car won’t take to much to complete and super cool when done. You must be small to fit in this thing.

I really like them and I do think this one might be a good deal for the right person. What do you think about the Aquila kit car? If you already own one feel free to send us some photos. We would love to post them.

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  1. Rick says:

    Had one. Never finished it (the too many projects syndrome). Neat cars, very well made (see one on Samba complete, running and for sale for not a lot of money). The single issue is the driving position. The seat bottom is level with the floor which means you’re sitting with your legs straight out on front of you… very uncomfortable. And, being a monocoque, you just can’t lower the floorpan without some major fiberglass surgery.
    On the plus side, this is the second generation car with the larger engine hatch and frenched taillights. There was a third gen that had a different C pillar detail, but only a couple were made. All those were lost when the owner of the company passed and his kid tried selling the molds on eBay for $50K, then $20K, then $5K.. all while being stored outside in the weather. Never did hear if they sold.. last I had talked with the seller’s representative the molds were on their way to be scrapped…

    • Donnie says:

      You ended up selling yours Rick? They are really nice cars. And its a shame about those molds. The reality of it is they were pretty much useless just like most of the others that pop up. Roy Kaylor has the Invader molds and they have been sitting under the California redwoods for 25 or so years.

  2. Rick says:

    Yep, sold it for half what I had into it. The buyer was local, and he wound up selling it after throwing in an engine and putting brakes on it. I don’t think he got his asking price, either, which wasn’t much.

    They really are neat cars, just terribly uncomfortable. The seats in the example above are guaranteed to have your head crammed to the side against the roof. If I didn’t have my other Sterling sitting waiting for me, I’d probably pop for the Samba one and try to re-do the floor for a better driving position.

  3. Luisvasquez says:

    Reconstruyo un aquila necesito chapa y recibidor para cerrar puertas y mecanismo para abrir por adentro, donde puedo conseguirlas.

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Luis. My spanish is rusty. Lets see.

      You have an Aquila and you are needing the latches to keep the doors closed as well as the mechanism to open from the inside? One of our readers had an Aquila let me see what he says.

  4. Christian verret says:

    I am looking for an Aquila for sale If yours is sold or if you know somebody who has one could you send me these information I will appreciate so much.
    Thanks for your time.


  5. Jennifer says:

    I’m looking at purchasing an Aquila, but it’s condition is listed as fair, and the seller is asking $4,900. It has the smaller engine compartment. If I can get it for around $2,500 would it be possible to stuff a boxster engine, and transmission in it?

    • Donnie says:

      Hey There . That is all going to depend of the definition of FAIR. AS far as engines go you can use the Subaru EJ25 but you would still need to use the stock VW 4 speed. The Subaru swap is one of the most popular and will make the Aquila a little rocket ship.

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