One-Off Auto Union Racer Replica

One of the kookier vehicles driving around Carlilse 2006 is what I assume is a one-off DIY replica of an old Audi Auto Union race cars (if I’m recognizing it correctly, this is a Auto Union Type C/D Hillclimb car). While there are many new components in it, as far as I could tell, it was also built using many much older parts as well (including the driveline). I don’t know much more about this car, so if you do, please drop me a line!

audi3.jpg audi2.jpg audi1.jpg

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  1. John Lloyd says:

    Looks pretty odd with those little wheels. Probably just a homebuilt, as not authentic enough to be an Audi product.

  2. Phil Friday says:

    Slightly kooky it is and it does look off with the small wheels but that’s the way I built it. The joke is the above comment about it not being authentic enough. It is actually built on a 1963 Auto Union 1000S(DKW) chassis and running gear..3 cylinder, 2-stroke, 1000cc’s of pure fun. So in reality it is probably one of the most legit replicas around. Someday I’ll find some big wheels, in the meantime I’ll just continue having a blast and stopping traffic wherecer I go.

  3. Mike'Fergus' O'Doherty says:

    that’s awesome. People forget….a lot of gear was used back then. I was at Amelia Island , I’m an XK 120,140 & 150 fan..there was a N Carolina company there doing alum Porsche 356 coach work, English bends and braces with lightening holes. I worked on planes for 20 years and also have small engine and large internal compustion eng. exp. along with experience in design for aerodynamics. The bigger with wheels..the more drag….wheeling fairing + drag resistance…but the front design is beautiful. Look at it…..Porsch, Talbot Lago, Auburn…the coachwork has stood the test of time. And the logo…still around…thats success ..that leaving your mark for others. The PT Cruiser..was a total throw back to these designs of the early 1900’s. It was a success…was the PT Cruiser a success or was. I want to build something like this some day for Bonneville

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