Pegaus one-off truck oddity

I just noticed an interesting vehicle posted over at Kit Car magazine called the “Pegasus”. Details are scarce, but it seems to be a one off vehicle built by Fantasy Cars on a ’78 Chevrolet C1500 truck, presumably for a movie. It’s a horrendously ugly neat start, but to me it feels “unfinished”.

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  1. does not work for me
    but thanX

  2. Mark Ernest says:

    Looks to me like KITT was popular with the females back in the days of Knight Rider and this is the offspring… ^o^

  3. Mark Ernest says:

    Looks to me like KITT was popular with the females back in the days of Knight Rider and this is the offspring… ^o^

  4. Brendan says:


    Very ugly.
    The nose and hood are off of an early thirdgen firebird.

  5. Bob says:

    Use Google Images and enter 1965 Dodge Power Wagon should be the first picture.
    I am trying to absolutely prove that this truck is a ONE-Off, please let me know if you have seen others.

    • Ron Daugherty says:

      These cars and trucks were built by Bob Masters. My first job was working with this fiberglass Guru. He was in the Houston area. The trucks starred on a tv show for a while. there are still a few cruising the streets.

  6. Mike says:

    I LOVE IT! There is one in Greenville TX and I wondered what it was. I figured it was just a pickup with panels from a thunderbird and customized hood and grille. It is yellow, and the back looks like a regular Chevy truck, but it has the same front end, possibly a more sloped windshield, and has the car-like rocker panels. It surely is a fiberglass job though. It’s old and faded yellow paint or primer, and just sitting in a car graveyard.

  7. Jim Thompson says:

    I folks just ran across this ad of my truck here’s a little something for your enjoyment
    The truck was built by a kit company in Webster Texas called auto dreams inc. There were 8 built before the. Gentlemen died suddenly 7 were trucks
    1 was a suburban. And some are right there are donner parts from Pontiac mostly chevy.
    You are looking at the first one of 9 built I have sales sheet price list along with cpl of pics of others built
    there is also a company called Pegasus motor car which bought the nose design to place on firebirds you can find a posting on mec auto auctions under Pegasus hot wheels tribute car feel free to email with any questions@ dreamers833@gmail
    You will soon see this one back on the road as she has gone a total frame off restoration and is currently being viewed for a magazine issue

    • Ron Daugherty says:

      Bob Masters actually owned Pegasus Motor cars. I also think Charlie Vannatter was also in on it as Bob used his shop on allen genoa to build and display the cars and trucks. There is a guy on the north side of Houston that has popped some molds and selling them today. I have a friend that still has one and a daily driver.

      • Donnie says:

        Hey Ron. Thanks for the comment. We posted this way back in 2009 and at the time there really was no information on it. Thanks for the update!

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