South African Mystery Kit Car… NOT!

Adriaan was wondering what this mystery car he spotted in South Africa was… I’m 99% sure that what he’s stumbled on is a rare version of the Amante GT, which was sometimes made with these lights and features. The Amante was first manufactured in 1969 under the name “Gazelle”, fit to a VW pan and front and rear glass from a Rambler Marlin.

A variety of styles of Amante GTs exist, with options including different headlight configurations, different three-quarter panel styles (windows, a small window and a scoop, or a large scoop), as well as different front and rear decks (smooth, twin depressed scoops, or a single raised scoop), as well as a rear spoiler. The car was made by a variety of companies (Hebina Plastics, Voegele Industries, Performance Designers, and Amante Cars), and went out of production in the mid/late seventeis. The variation that Adriaan found is one of the less common ones so it wasn’t quick to recognize.


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  1. Roger says:

    The photo that was up there last night was different and was a sterling.

    • Donnie says:

      Hey Roger,

      When I changed over to this new theme there was an issue in where the featured images of some posts got all changed around. I have been slowly but surely fixing the errors as they come up with the images that belong with the post.

      Thanks for pointing that out

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