St. Catharines, Ontario-based Puma GTI

Larry and Joanne from St. Catharines, Canada (near Niagara Falls) write in to show us their 1981 Puma GTI, running a 1950cc VW 4-cylinder, balanced and blueprinted with twin 44mm Webers. Since the OHVC is no longer around, they were wondering if there are any kitcar events or clubs in this part of Canada (or even across the border near Buffalo and so on) — post in the comment forum if you have any information, or would be interested in starting one up!


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  1. Eduard says:

    I just saw the posting about Larry and Joanne’s ’81 Puma. I was mowing my front lawn on Saturday afternoon (May 27th) when they drove past me. Very nice car.
    Wanted to know if you could forward this to them as I am in the process of purchasing one of two Pumas that I recently found. And to be totally honest…..I don’t know what problems to look for in these vehicles. I would greatly
    appreciate any/all information they may offer.
    Tell them that I live halfway between Russell Ave and the QEW on Geneva St.

  2. btok says:

    …brasilian car.

  3. James Ward says:

    Not many of these around I see (judging by the comments). I have one, a 1982 puma GTI original except for the paint with just 20K on it. I would like to know if there is suppliers for the window seals of any other parts in the Toronto area.


  4. Chuck says:

    I remember the Puma GTi
    It was made by Volkswagon in SouthAmerica market. It was imported as a pallet car into the US. I buyer added Bettle suspension and engine. It is not a Kit Car but a VW production vehicle. VW made 5 different car for that market. I wanted the VW motorcycle, 3 on bike, 2 in each sidecar. US outlawed it because it was unsafe…

  5. Jack says:

    I have a quick question regarding these pumas in general, and as i can see that all of us so far are from ontario, thats a great thing.

    Im currently in the process of purchasing 8 pumas (barn finds)ranging from gti’s i suppose, to convertables, and im wondering how much are these things actualy worth, and how much of a rare find this things actualy are. Also supposivley there is a near complete car that is said to be the last frame to come off the line when they closed production. What does this mean, and what can i do with all of these.
    As a long time vw fanatic, these pumas are a very interesting find.
    What should i be looking to pay for these things max.. they have been in the barn for about 10+years.
    Also there are 3 things, as well as 2 vw busses that i want to get my hands on too.

    Thanks for any replys, i just want to know more about these rare cars

  6. See the home page “Cadastro do Puma”:
    In this moment with 830 Pumas registered.

  7. Diego A.N says:

    just like to say , its true about pumas gt1 gt2 gtr and the better version the GTB build on top of a chevy opala large block ,by the way another legend on brasilian streets,with a 4.8 l,but pumas gt,gt1,2,gtr are most the time buid fron a vw beattle fron the 80s style a.k.a as fusca donw in brasil ,pumas all fiber glass light body good engine+cheap parts easy fix etc = good deal. I can get for any body the wants to buy strait fron Brasil any model for half price on market ,fell free to contact me , also replicas of shelb/ cobra made all on aluminium on tubular chassi,also made in Brasil,

  8. Johnny says:

    i have a puma FS anyone with inquires please contact me at
    i will send pics and willl let you know with further details

  9. Johnny says:

    i have a puma FS anyone with inquires please contact me at
    i will send pics and willl let you know with further details

  10. michel says:

    hi all

    i just bought a puma 81 gti
    im looking parts
    needs a restoration
    email me at if you have a car or parts for sale .

  11. Gerry says:

    Hey Larry and Joanne, we need to hookup later this summer, I was talking to you at the June Jitter bug last weekend and was so taken by the Puma that I have acquired one, well almost, picking it up on Saturday. It’s an original 1981, need a tiny bit of work and is due for a paint job, should have it on the road in a couple of weeks. You can e-mail me at

  12. zack says:

    Does anybody know how to contact Diego A.N in the comment 4 above this one? Thanks, trying to get my hands on a Puma! email is

  13. Mike Holland says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Puma too. Same questions as the rest probably. The one I was looking at had large gaps in the corners of the window trim. All that rubber shrinks up good. Also, this guy I was talking to said in 1981 there were about 200 brought into Canada as turn key finished cars. He said F/G was thicker too. Maybe just a sales ploy. It was a long drive to find out that the “driveable car that needed some TLC” needs brake lines, pans, window seals, and lots more. Can you still get stuff like the steel window frame on the doors? I’m an hour and a bit NW of Toronto.

  14. Mike Holland says:

    One more thing. Has anybody ever seen any of the 70’s chrome bumper Pumas in Canada? I haven’t and I like them more. I think the front of the older ones definately have a 60’s Ferrari look.

  15. Marco says:

    Hi Larry and Joanne just wanted to say love the car I just finally found and bought an 81 gti myself and can’t wait to hit the road with it. I’m actually not to far from you in Stoney creek ont near Hamilton anyways give me a shout sometime if you wanna talk puma at

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