Sterling #31 on the market

Sterling serial number 31 has been put up on the market in Sherman Oaks, CA for the extremely low price of $1,500. It has a rebuilt 1600cc engine that once ran well but now isn’t starting — it may be as simple as fuel not getting to it. The hydraulics to lift the roof all work, but they sag after a few minutes which is why the roof is propped up in some of the pictures. It has working power mirrors, blinkers, lights, windshield wiper, and comes with various parts and manuals. There is unfortunately some cracking on the windshield. Overall this is a great take-over project.

Jon — write him at s***@*** SOLD! — is mostly looking for someone to take over a great project and finish it and make this car everything it should be… his price is more than fair, so hopefully this car will be restored and on the road in the future. Oh, and for those that like cars with a “celebrity” ownership history, Jon is one of the developers behind Call of Duty 4.

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  1. Greg Hampton says:

    Bought the car and I am currently in the process of having it painted. And it is just as you described. Turned out all it needed was a fuel pressure regulator.
    It has joined my collection of 5 other sterlings.

  2. Larry says:

    I want a buy this car. please contact me at my E-mail.

  3. Marcelo says:

    I am in possession of #007 if anyone is interested…

  1. September 13, 2015

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