Sterling on Craigslist

Pretty good looking I will say.The ad says it sits on a 1969 chassis with a 71 1600cc engine. The rest is your typical kit car “selling points” . They are looking to get $5000 out of it. What do you guys think?

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  1. Rich says:

    I’m the wrong guy to ask because it’s one of my favorites . My offer would be around 4k because horse trading is fun. Was some sort of safety disconnect offered for the canopy?

    • the13bats says:

      The safety of the top was up to the builder, CC made Sterlings with manual lift tops, hood springs and a well balanced top made it open and stay open with some effort, when people started installing electric top lifts on them the concern was not safety but rather to look cool, had mine flipped I could have lifted the car…lol, I had to slip out a window a few times….if you watch the end of Death race closely, when Carridine goes to pull off in the Sterling it appears he presses a buttom to lower the top…nope, stage hands just dropped the top…right on his head as he pressed the fake button.

  2. the13bats says:

    One of mine too…if yellow it would be a clone of the one I drove from Vegas to Orlando years back….doesn’t say how it runs, but I see 5 K being, well…a steal…if the interior looks as good and the thing runs well and isn’t all worn out where we can’t see things….

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