Sebring Kit Car Project For Sale

WOW! This Sterling Sebring Kit Car Project For Sale could be the deal of the day! Just kidding its a $4000 project kit car that is about $3000 more than what its worth. Great looking kit cars when finished but this one has no paper work (no title I imagine) and is a project. Judging by the spelling in the craigslist ad, and all the other nonsense it could be that the seller had a bit of a buzz when he or she listed it. Here is the ad for your enjoyment…

early 70s kit car ,,,,,,,no paperwork,,,,,,,,,,,70-72 vw bus air cooled mtr and trans,,,,,,,,,,roof ,windsheild and doors[whole canapy] lifts up and ahead electric,hydraulicly,,,,,,,,,,all fiberglass project car,,,,,,,,,,,

It does look like the kit car does have a good windshield so that’s a big plus, but with only one photo in the ad its difficult to give you any more info. If you want to email the seller and offer he or she what its worth here is the link.

Sterling Sebring Kit Car Project

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  1. steve says:

    There tends to be a lot of Bremen Sebrings being trashed. As an owner, the body is one of the best quality with excellent gelcoat and substantial fiberglass thickness. These are currently being introduced with an optional tubular frame. They can easily be modified and are true attention getters.

  2. Chris Weeks says:

    Very interested in your vehicle please let me know if it’s still for sale and how much

  3. Jim says:

    I bought it and it was like a time capsule with 2 miles I didn’t care about the title only the body and it’s windshield and canopy hydraulics it had 2 miles on it and well worth what I paid I have put a87 fiero gt donor under this car

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