This Cimbria SS is one AMAZING looking kit car

This Cimbria SS is one AMAZING looking kit car . It is on eBay and as of right now it is at $15,000 with one bidder. The pictures should speak for the quality of this build. But just in case they are not enough here is a rundown of what your money will be getting you if you decide to bid on this car.

We have seen some really nice examples of the Cimbria SS Kit Car in all of our years but this one could be the best we have seen by far. Im usually very critical when it comes to value on kit cars in general but you can easily see that this one has all the right stuff and its ready to roll. If you are looking for something that you can really just get in and go, and you are in the market for a Cimbria SS you might want to go ahead and give this one a really good look. All the work is done and you will be able to just enjoy the drive.

Engine – 1972 2.0 West German Ford, which was completely dismantled, reconditioned the block, bored .30 over, new pistons, rod, bearings. Head was ported and polished the head. Mallory electronic ignition with a ProMaster Coil, competition cam, all new belts, pulleys, hoses, and gaskets, new plugs and plug wires, custom built headers and exhaust, and finished it with duel side-draft Mikuni/Solex PHH44 carbs.

Interior – Leather, Custom Door Panels, Alpine Head Unit, Tilt and Telescoping Steering Column, Vintage Air, Custom Carpet, Stewart Warner Gauges.

There is so much more to list but its best to just check out the auction Here

Here is a video from the auction as well as some photos.



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  1. Rick says:

    My buddy’s car. Unfortunately, he’s listed it two times (now three- it’s on again) with the “winning” bidders saying after the fact that they don’t have the money or never intended to pay in the first place. Really, there should be a law to hunt those kind of a$$hats. Anyway, the car is first-rate. He really spared no expense in everything he did to the car.

  2. David Zahn says:

    still for sale?

  3. DOUGLAS A HUNT says:

    i know its been three years…..found these pics after a guy posted one on a fb page, he didnt know what it was…….really nice work on this one.

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