This could be the nicest Fiberfab Aztec I have ever seen but………..

Ok I admit it. This car is pretty damn sweet. You can tell a lot of time and money has gone into building this. I would challenge anyone to find a nicer one on this website, or anywhere on the internet. BUT the seller is asking a cool $35,000 for the car. I dont know ladies and gentleman but it seems a tad bit on the high side. Here is what the listing says about the car …


Turbo Subaru
Rear-view Camera
1974 VW Suspension
Roll Cage
4 Wheel Disc Brakes
Late-model Corvette Taillights
Pneumatic Tilt Top with Remote Control
Heating and Air Conditioning
Electric Windows
House of Kolor – Candy Apple Red Paint

I have just finished building this kit car. I have owned it for many years and I finally got it done. It has a mid 90’s Turbo Subaru mounted to a 091 vw transaxle. The radiator is mounted up front with two electric fans. It has a 15 gallon gas tank. I used a rear heating\air conditioning unit from a chevy van. The paint is a House of Kolor Candy Apple Red with a silver base. I did all the work myself and know the car inside and out. It is sold as is.

Want it. Send him a message

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  1. Rick says:

    Always liked these early Aztecs. This build looks absolutely stunning and done right. Right up until you see the mongo hydraulic piston that pushes the canopy sitting by the passengers left leg. I know there is little room in these cars for actuators, but wouldn’t you think something under the dash could have been created, considering all the other work that went into it? Other than that, very cool car. Not $35K cool, but you gotta start somewhere!

  2. bats says:

    You guys can hate me but I see an overbuilt overpriced mess, I guess the only passenger has to be rather emo skinny or missing thier right leg at the hip,
    I can’t be impressed with this being rear engine when mid would have been so much more exotic and cooler….price….yeah, – 25K plus

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